Costume in The Early German Renaissance 1470-1520



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...dedicated to my explorations of female costume in Germany in the early Renaissance. When I started my forrays into this period a couple of years ago I found very few online resources for the early renaissance in comparison to what is found on for the later periods during the 16th C. One reason for these pages was therefore partly to try to fill that gap and partly to take up the challenge of experiment with costumes I had not so seen around in the historical re-enactment world. The beautiful and hysterical period between the 15th C military companies and the later swiss and cranach style landsknecht fashion.

I am not literally an historic re-enactor, but merely an historic costumer wanting to use her costumes every now and again! Therefore, often there was no specific reason for making the costumes more than my ever burning desire to make them, have them!

*** As of the autumn of 2006 I am glad to announce that I plan to slowly start to explore also the male costume in the early German Renaissance. Bear with me and we shall see what might be accomplished in the future! ***



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